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As part of an international fellowship at Makan organised by Gasworks we have been researching Jordanian copyright. Based on the latest English translation of copyright law (which we understand now is quite out-of-date) we have come to the conclusion that film productions over 50 years old are now in the public domain in Jordan. Following this we have gathered a list of pre-1957 Arabic films and are hoping to remix their soundtracks to produce a new copyleft licensed CD.

Article (31): Works Included in the Fifty-Year Protection Period:

The protection period for the following works shall apply for fifty years as of the date
of their publication, provided that the calculation of this period starts as of the first of
January of the calendar year following the actual publication date thereof:
a) Cinematic and television production works. However, if same are not published
with the consent of the right’s holder within fifty years as of the date of completing
this work then the protection period shall commence as of the date of its completion,
which is considered the first of January of the calendar year during which the actual
completion of the work was realized.


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During our research we have also come across a Jordanian feature film called Struggle In Jerash produced in 1957 (dir. Wassif Sheik Yassin / prod. Jordanian Film and Performing Arts Co).

We understand that there have been a number of amendments to the law since 1992 which are currently only available in Arabic. In addition because the region's film industry of this period was centred around neighbouring capitals Cairo, Damascus and Beirut, we also need to take into account various country to country and international agreements.

We working with intellectual property lawyer Ziad Maraqa who is helping us to make sense of the interrelated legal documents and agreements which map out the terrain of Jordan's public domain.




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