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La Palomita


performed by: Lorenzo Barcelata y Su Conjunto
written by: Lorenzo Barcelata (d. July 13, 1943)
Cat Number: Victor 75490-B

La Palomita lyrics

Hildegarde Souvenir Album


Recording public domain / Compositions under propriety ownership

Written by: Various (composition redacted)
Performed by: Hildegarde
Record cat number:
Barragan cat number: IN HIL 01 R

Scrambled mp3 1.8 mb

Scrambled aif 13.5 mb

Mano a Mano


performed by: Trio Tamaulipas
written by: Lorenzo Barcelata (d. 1943)
recorded: pre-1939
cat number: Peerless 846

mp3 3.8 mb

wav 26.8 mb

La Iguana

La Iguana.jpg

Written by: Lorenzo Barcelata (d. July 13, 1943)
performed by: Pareja Quiroz
recorded: pre-1939
record cat number: Peerless 975
barrgan cat number: MX 26 B

La Iguana lyrics

mp3 4.36 mb

wav 32.06 mb

Czar Sultan - Suite No. 3

Czar sultan 1.jpg Czar sultan 2.jpg

Written by: Rimsky Korsakov (d. 21 June 1908)
Performed by: London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Albert Coates
Recorded 16 February 1928
Record cat number: HMV D1491
Barragán cat number: C X 46

Side 1 mp3 5.5 mb

Side 1 wav 40.4 mb

Side 2 mp3 5.8 mb

Side 2 wav 44.4 mb


Schenerazade a.jpg Schenerazade b.jpg

Written by: Rimsky Korsakov (d. 21 June 1908)
performed by: London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Antal Doráti
record cat number: Victor 12368

Side A mp3 1st Movement - Largo e maestoso 6.1 mb

Side A wav 1st Movement - Largo e maestoso 44.8 mb

Side B mp3 3rd Movement - Andantino quasi 5.5 mb

Side B wav 3rd Movement - Andantino quasi 40.5 mb

Khovanchtichina, Prelude


written by: Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (d. 28 March 1881)
performed by: Hallé Orchestra conducted by Sir Hamilton Harty
recorded: Thursday 10 February 1927, Free Trade Hall Manchester
record cat number: Columbia 9908
barragan cat number: C X 50 B

Side A mp3 5.81 mb

Side A wav 42.7 mb

Side B mp3 5.26 mb

Side B wav 38.63 mb

The Belgian Congo Records


Written by: Trad Recorded: 1935-36
Record cat number: COMMODORE DL 30,005
Barragan cat number:

mp3 28.3 mb

wav 208 mb

Allá en el Rancho Grande


written by Silvano R Ramos (d. Feb 22 1943)
performed by: Rubio Y Martinez Duo
recorded: between 1927-1932
record cat number: Columbia 2555-X
barragan cat number:


The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert


Recording public domain / Compositions under proprietary ownership

recording coming soon