Everything I Have Is Yours

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Everything I Have Is Yours is an ambitious film and sound work by Eileen Simpson and Ben White (Open Music Archive) that looks back to the first decade of the UK pop charts (1952-62). Working with a group of older musicians – many of whom are the ‘original teenagers’ of the Greater Manchester music scene, now in their 70s and 80s – this film focuses on this diverse group as they re-engage with public-domain samples from the formative era of the ‘birth of pop’, and incorporate these timeless sounds into new musical creations.

When the musicians play, they individually and collectively interact with digital technology, recalling archive sounds ripped from 1950s and early 1960s shellac and vinyl chart hits. Copyright-controlled elements of the original records are separated out and copyright-expired samples are released through an algorithmic process to enable collective use for the project and for future sharing.

What results is a vivid sonic conversation, an intergenerational call and response that traverses the private, personal and public.


IMG 0794-Small.jpg IMG 0795-Small.jpg IMG 0796-Small.jpg IMG 0804-Small.jpg IMG 0818-Small.jpg IMG 0821-Small.jpg IMG 0824-Small.jpg IMG 0835-Small.jpg IMG 0843-Small.jpg IMG 0850-Small.jpg IMG 0855-Small.jpg IMG 0862-Small.jpg IMG 0868-Small.jpg IMG 0872-Small.jpg IMG 0873-Small.jpg IMG 0878-Small.jpg IMG 0884-Small.jpg IMG 0889-Small.jpg IMG 0896-Small.jpg IMG 0897-Small.jpg IMG 0898-Small.jpg IMG 0905-Small.jpg IMG 0907-Small.jpg IMG 0909-Small.jpg IMG 0912-Small.jpg IMG 0918-Small.jpg IMG 0919-Small.jpg IMG 0934-Small.jpg IMG 0936-Small.jpg IMG 0938-Small.jpg IMG 0940-Small.jpg IMG 0941-Small.jpg IMG 0942-Small.jpg IMG 0943-Small.jpg IMG 0944-Small.jpg IMG 0948-Small.jpg IMG 0949-Small.jpg IMG 0950-Small.jpg


The texts in this collection each respond to Everything I Have Is Yours (2019) by Eileen Simpson and Ben White (Open Music Archive), an artists’ film that takes as a starting point records produced during the first decade of the UK pop charts – 1952 to 1962 – and experimentally repurposes them in an on-going exploration of the limits of sampling and the possibilities of live collaboration.

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