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Thanks to:

All the live bands:
LA77, The Travelling Band, Magic Arm, Liz Green, Lady Caroline Mary, Homelife Duo, Graham Massey (The Sisters of Transistors), Sirconical, MC Strategy (Broke ‘n’ English), Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band, Peek Adore.

And: Nick Alexander (TUNDRA*), Roger Quigley, Leyla Nazim, Helen Wewiora, Neil Cummings & Marysia Lewandowska, Greeny (Unity Radio), Anna Colin, Colin O’Toole, Andy Soup, Upstate Rockers, Jon K (Fat City/Eyes Down), Sundowner, Catherine Murray, Parkertron, Adam P Gorman, Lorien Edwards, Ed Cottam, Kate Sweeney, Saul Richards, David Berry, Diane Rowley (RAP Spiderweb Ltd), Russell Crank, David @ Melodic, Jayne Compton (Switchflicker), Mat @ Manchester District Music Archive, David Blandy, Mikkel Eriksen, Camille Jones, Trio Cutty Sark, Autokratz, Ciaran Simpson, Alex Berry (The Earlies), Low Line Relay, Andrew Butler & Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band, Paul E Hodson, Sean @ What? The Folk! . . . and all of the people who have generously given up time and energy to the project.