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Modern Art Oxford


We're developing a project for the 50 year anniversary of Modern Art Oxford.

In the spirit of the 1960s project of the Museum of Modern Art Oxford, to make contemporary art freely accessible to the widest audience, the artists produce an archive of recorded sounds - auditory traces of activity in the gallery, available for use by a future public, without restriction and beyond the scope of the current copyright term.

Tape hiss, voices, musical fragments, audience shuffles and applause, recorded at past public events, are digitized from videotapes and audio cassettes held in the MAO archive, to generate a new sonic inventory. The artists process the archival sounds using emerging information retrieval technologies, to create a bank of source material and a new work for exhibition. A series of live events with invited collaborators, reanimate these sounds on a specially assembled platform. The events will be recorded and released with copyleft licenses.

Music for Children


We're contributing to:

27 May 2016 — 04 Sep 2016

The Foundling Museum
40 Brunswick Square

We found Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman’s 1958 vinyl record Music for Children in the personal record collection of architect Luis Barragán, whilst on an artists’ residency in Mexico City in 2012. The record works as a kind of audio source code for teaching music to children, in the mode of play.

Treating the found record as an artefact, as an object to be excavated, we detect, extract and separate sounds from the original vinyl record. Although the complete rights to the music remain in copyright until 2061, we free copyright-expired sounds by dissecting copyright-controlled elements to generate a 'public sonic inventory'. This inventory contains thousands of samples from Music For Children and is freely released into the public domain for reuse.

Xylophones, glockenspiels, drum hits, crashing cymbals and fragments of children’s voices echo in the copyleft licensed work, which is pressed onto a vinyl record and offered for free download:

Coming soon...