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Open Music Archive presents Leverage


4th April 2006

Dear Drew/Futuresonic,

It was great to finally meet up and talk in Manchester at our event Open Music Archive Presents an Evening of Free Music and Films . We are looking forward to participating in Futuresonic 2006 and we’re enthusiastic about contributing to the festival’s theme of collaborative culture and independence movements in music, art and technology.

As you know, our project Open Music Archive is a collaborative initiative to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings. We are independent artists and see our project as a response to the closing down of creativity that is imposed by copyright.

Everything generated by the Open Music Archive is available to be shared and built on and with this in mind, for Futuresonic 2006, we have decided to pay particular attention to distribution of out-of-copyright/copyleft material, through the creation of tools for future production.

This is what we propose:

It was always our intention for the Open Music Archive to provide a resource of recordings to be shared and sampled in a space outside of a royalty-generating economy. We recently created new electronic music using sounds and samples from the ‘source tracks’

Our new project Leverage proposed for Futuresonic 2006 centres around the creation of a copyleft licensed 12 inch vinyl record containing a range of samples, beats and extracts from the archive in a format referencing scratch tools, breaks compilations and battle-records. A live event held during the festival will feature DJs performing short scratch sets using multiple copies of the vinyl tool.

As I’m sure you are aware, battle records are explicitly designed as tools for DJs. Often the breaks, beats and samples collected on these records are created from tracks that are not officially licensed [1]. In contrast, Leverage will feature rare recordings and new remix tracks, short vocal snippets, percussive noises, sounds, samples, breaks and beats – all in the public domain or copyleft licensed and available via the Open Music Archive website.

For reference - here’s some records:

Q-Bert - Breaktionary (Dirtstyles)

DJ Swamp - Never Ending Drum & Bass Loops (Decadent)

Five Deez - Table Noise Vol 3 (Traffic)

We also intend to include some full tracks – both original source material and new remixes. Our context for this approach includes the short tracks of J Dilla AKA Jay Dee - Donuts (Stones Throw) and Strictly Breaks

The Leverage event will feature original music from the archive and showcase short sets from local DJs – each commissioned to create a short scratch set of around 10 minutes using the Open Music Archive vinyl tool. All DJ performances will be licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike and all future derivative works will be licensed in the same way. The performances at the event would be recorded and archived at www.openmusicarchive.org/futuresonic and the vinyl tool available to buy or as a free download.

It is intended that the vinyl tool, once distributed to a network of producers, will enable future production that exists outside of commercial and bootleg economies. We aim to insert Leverage into this existing network of commercial production to prise open new possibilities.

We’re currently putting together a budget and timescale. To make this happen we would need to:

1. Partner with Futuresonic to apply to funders to create copies of the record (dub-pressings and vinyl manufacture).

2. Work with Futuresonic to identify DJs for the project and advertise for participation via existing networks.

3. Work with organizations to ensure wider participation including: [2] [3] and URBIS Education.

4. Identify a date/venue for the event.

5. Source equipment (PA system, turntables, etc).

6. Secure a pocket of funding to commission DJs to create/perform 10 minute sets (5 DJs at £150 each).

We look forward to hearing your comments

Eileen and Ben