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Kunsthaus Graz - Event







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As their contribution to Generosity, at the invitation of Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska, Eileen Simpson and Ben White hosted an evening of free music in the living room of Broadcasting House.

They invited visitors to browse, listen, select, tag and burn music from the archive and offered CD gifts featuring tracks from the archive, each one individully tagged.

Eileen played a selection of original blues, jazz and folk recordings from the archive and Ben performed a live electronic set remixing the original recordings (sample full mix coming soon). The set will be broadcast on Radio Helsinki who are resident in Broadcasting House, transmitting from the house and interspersing their schedule with programmes engaging with the politics of Generosity.

Open Music Archive were invited to compose a Generosity jingle for the programmes made entirely from music from the archive to introduce the Generosity programmes.

All material performed and distributed is either in the public domain or copyleft licensed which ensures that the give away is not an singular act of generosity but one that is protected for the future - the material remains open for use and reuse, to be given away again.

Cautionary tales CD.png

Cautionary Tales
In The Jailhouse Now Jimmie Rodgers 3:20
Blind Lemon's Penitentiary Blues Blind Lemon Jefferson 2:41
Goodbye Booze Charlie Poole 3:17

Broke cd.png

sound file Rolls Royce Papa Virginia Liston 2:45
New How Long How Long Blues Leroy Carr 2:50
One Dime Blues Blind Lemon Jefferson 2:41

Instrumentals CD.png

sound file Little Bits Johnny Dodds Trio 3:07
sound file In The Dark/Flashes Jess Stacy 3:17
sound file April Kisses Eddie Lang 3:06
sound file Ragtime Annie Charlie Poole 3:12
sound file Struggling Johnny Dodds Trio 2:43

This project was part of Protections curated by Adam Budak and Christine Peters

Generosity Broadcasting House
Kunsthaus Graz, Austria 7th October 2006

(cc) 2005-06 Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5