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==Open Music Archive Projects==
==Open Music Archive Projects==
==Open Congress==
==Open Congress==

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Open Music Archive Projects


Open Congress

Open Music Archive presented at Open Congress (Tate Britain 7th-8th October 2005)

Open Congress was Inspired by Free Software: software that challenges conventional practices of authorship, ownership and distribution. The innovative congress explored these implications for art, visual culture and cultural production in general. This was the Open Music Archive contribution to the open congress wiki:

We are currently working on a project researching and collecting music that has fallen out of copyright and is now in the public domain. This music will be distributed freely through a website (under construction).

For Open Congress, Ben will play a short DJ set of music made entirely of samples of the collected recordings, mainly sourced from 1920s 78rpm records. An accompanying slideshow will uncover the process of tracking this material.