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first shown at:
first shown at:
En vivo. Performance and Performativity<br/>
'''En vivo. Performance and Performativity'''<br/>
curated by [http://www.desitio.net de_sitio]
curated by [http://www.desitio.net de_sitio]

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A film by Eileen Simpson and Ben White produced following a de_sitio residency at Casa Luis Barragan, Mexico City

first shown at:

En vivo. Performance and Performativity
curated by de_sitio

Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola - Bosque de Chapultepec
Mexico City

June 13 to August 4 2013 (closed between July 1 and 21), opening June 12, 19:00

A new version of Open House | Divided Estates assembled for distribution in Europe launching in 2014