Parallel Anthology Research

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Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 1: Dick Justice - Henry Lee
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 2: Nelstone's Hawaiians - Fatal Flower Garden 
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 3: Clarence Ashley - The House Carpenter
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 4: Coley Jones - Drunkard's Special
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 5: Bill and Belle Reed - Old Lady and the Devil
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 6: Buell Kazee - The Butcher's Boy
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 7: Buell Kazee - The Wagoner's Lad
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 8: "Chubby" Parker and his Old Time Banjo - King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Mi-O
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 9: Uncle Eck Dunford - Old Shoes and Leggins
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 10: Burnett and Rutherford - Willie Moore
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 11: Buster Carter and Preston Young - A Lazy Farmer Boy
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 12: The Carolina Tar Heels - Peg and Awl
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 13: G B Grayson - Ommie Wise
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 14: Kelly Harrell and the Virginia String Band - My Name is John Johanna
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 15: Edward L Crain - Bandit Cole Younger
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 16: Kelly Harrell - Charles Giteau
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 17: The Carter Family - John Hardy was a Desperate Little Man
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 18: Williamson Brothers and Curry - Gonna Die with My Hammer in My Hand
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 19: Frank Hutchison - Stackalee
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 20: Charlie Poole with the North Carolina Ramblers - White House Blues
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 21: Mississippi John Hurt - Frankie
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 22: William and Versey Smith - When That Great Ship Went Down
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 23: The Carter Family - Engine One Forty Three
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 24: Furry Lewis - Kassie Jones
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 25: The Bentley Boys - Down on Penny's Farm
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 26: The Masked Marvel - Mississippi Boweavil Blues
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 27: The Carolina Tar Heels - Got the Farmland Blues
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 28: "Uncle Bunt" Stephens - Sail Away Lady
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 29: Jilson Setters - The Wild Wagoner
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 30: Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers - Wake Up Jacob
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 31: Delma Lachney and Blind Uncle Gaspard - La Danseuse
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 32: Andrew and Jim Baxter - Georgia Stomp
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 33: Eck Robertson and Family - Brilliancy Medley
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 34: Hoyt "Floyd" Ming and his Pep-Steppers - Indian War Whoop
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 35: Henry Thomas - Old Country Stomp
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 36: Jim Jackson - Old Dog Blue
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 37: Columbus Fruge - Saut Crapaud
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 38: Joseph Falcon - Acadian One Step
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 39: Breaux Freres - Home Sweet Home
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 40: Cincinnati Jug Band - Newport Blues
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 41: Frank Cloutier and the Victoria Cafe Orchestra - Moonshiner's Dance Part I
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 42: Reverend J M Gates - Must be Born Again
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 43: Reverend J M Gates - Oh Death Where is Thy Sting
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 44: Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - Rocky Road
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 45: Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - Present Joys
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 46: Middle Georgia Singling Convention No. 1 - This Song of Love
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 48: Memphis Sanctified Singers - He Got Better Things for You
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 53: The Carter Family - Little Moses
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 54: Ernest Phipps and his Holiness Singers - Shine On Me
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 56: Reverend D C Rice and his Sanctified Congregation - I'm in the Battlefield for my Lord
Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 59: Cannon's Jug Stompers with Noah Lewis - Minglewood Blues
Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 61: Richard (Rabbit) Brown - James Alley Blues
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 65: The Stoneman Family - The Spanish Merchant's Daughter
Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 80: Mississippi John Hurt - Spike Driver Blues