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[[Parallel Anthology Research|Parallel anthology main index page]]
[[Parallel Anthology Research|Parallel anthology main index page]]

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Icon Public Domain.jpg  Track 26: The Masked Marvel - Mississippi Boweavil Blues   Paramount 12805B; Recorded in Richmond, Indiana, 14.6.1929
Anthology Track 26 label.jpg

The record label credits authorship of this work to "Patton" (just visible in the full size image). "The Masked Marvel" was an alias of delta blues legend Charley Patton, who died in 1934 (info from wikipedia).

www.78discography.com also credits Patton.

This composition has therefore been public domain since 1st January 2005.

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Alternative Versions

The Boll Weevil  by Amy Pridemore    recorded in 1959: Max Hunter Collection