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Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 27: The Carolina Tar Heels - Got the Farmland Blues   Victor 23611-A; Recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, 19.11.1930

No image of record label available.

Neither Anthology booklet assigns authorship, nor does www.78discography.com. victor.library.ucsb.edu does not list this recording, as this database is only complete up to June 1930.

The Roud Folksong Index designates this song as Roud 17630, but there are no other versions of the song listed under this number.

According to the Old Weird America blog, "It seems that the song was the creation of The Carolina Tar Heels themselves as i can’t find no other recordings apart from 'covers' of the Tar Heels version by revivalist old-time bands."

According to wikipedia, the last member of the 1930 lineup of the Tar Heels died in 1967, which would mean that this composition is in copyright until 1st January 2038.

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