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Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 33: Eck Robertson and Family - Brilliancy Medley   Victor 40298-A; Recorded in Dallas, Texas, 11.10.1929

No image of record label available. Harry Smith's Anthology booklet assigns authorship to "A C Robertson", while credits "Eck Robertson". However, does not assign authorship.

According to wikipedia, Alexander "Eck" Robertson died in 1975, which would put this composition in copyright until 1st January 2046.

However, Harry Smith's notes describe this track as a "medley of traditional tunes".

The Old Weird America blog states that the tunes are Wake Up Susan, Bill Cheatham, Little Billy Wilson and Drunken Billy Goat.

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Alternative Versions

Wake Up Susan by Spade Cooley recorded in late 1940s: Spotify

According to, this is credited as "traditional".
Record label credits Cooley as arranger. Cooley died in 1969, so this version is in copyright until 1st January 2040

Bill Cheatham by the Mayfield Brothers    recorded between 1948 and 1956 (according to album title): Spotify
Bill Cheatham by Jerry Rivers and the Drifting Cowboys    recorded in 1949 (according to BL catalogue): Spotify
Credited as trad according to BL catalogue.