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Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 36: Jim Jackson - Old Dog Blue   Victor 21387-B; Recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, 2.2.1928

No image of record label available. Harry Smith's Anthology booklet assigns authorship to "Jim Jackson", as does, although does not assign authorship.

According to wikipedia, Jim Jackson died in 1937, which means that this composition has been public domain since 1st January 2008.

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Alternative Versions

Old Blue by Joan O'Bryant    recorded in 1957 (according to Spotify
Liner notes treat this song as traditional.
 Old Blue by Cisco Houston    recorded in 1951 (according to Spotify
Liner notes do not claim any writing or arrangement credit.
 Old Blue by Guy Carawan    recorded in 1958 (according to Spotify
In the album's liner notes, Carawan says "I first heard this version from Cisco Houston. Later I heard it from Frank Hamilton who taught me the fabulous little lick on the guitar
that so enhances this song. Then I added a high yodel and another guitar lick of my own - and that's how this rendition grew, with 'something old, something new, something borrowed
and something blue'."
 Old Blue by Guy Carawan    recorded in 1958: From album "America at Play"