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Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 41: Frank Cloutier and the Victoria Cafe Orchestra - Moonshiner's Dance Part I   Gennett 6305-A; Recorded in St Paul, Minnessota, 1927

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Record label assigns authorship to "Cloutier" as do the notes in Harry Smith's Anthology booklet, although does not assign authorship.

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Frank Cloutier's grave (picture taken from shows that he died in 1957, meaning that this composition is in copyright until 1st January 2028.

However, according to the Old Weird America blog, "The Moonshiner’s Dance is a medley of old popular songs in a jazzy, polka style, punctuated by talks, laughs and the shouting “One, two, three, four” between each tune," the tunes being:

When You and I Were Young, Maggie

According to wikipedia, the lyrics were written by George Washington Johnson who died in 1917, and the music by James Austin Butterfield who died in 1891 [1], thus this song is public domain.

How Dry I Am

According to wikipedia, this song was written by Irving Berlin, who died in 1989 ([2]) and so is in copyright until 1st January 2060.

At the Cross

First published in 1707, and so public domain.

When You Wore a Tulip

Written by Percy Wenrich and Jack Mahoney. According to wikipedia, Wenrich died in 1952, so this song is in copyright until at least 1st January 2023.

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Alternative versions

The Old Weird America blog provides for four versions of When You and I Were Young, Maggie, three of which are pre-1962, and three of At the Cross, all of which are streamable.