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Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 5: Bill and Belle Reed - Old Lady and the Devil   Columbia 15336-D; Recorded in Johnson City, Tennessee, 17.10.1928
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Record label does not assign authorship. Nor does either Anthology booklet, or

The Roud Folksong Index classifies this song as a version of Child 278 or Roud 160.

California State University, Fresno has a webpage on this Child ballad, dating it to at least the mid-19th century, if not earlier. [1]

It is reasonable to treat this composition as public domain.

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Alternative Versions

Farmer's Curst Wife by Mrs. May Kennedy McCord    recorded in 1960: Max Hunter Collection
Devil's Curst Wife by Johnny Morris    recorded in 1960: Max Hunter Collection
Devil Doings by Mrs. George Ripley, Milford    recorded in 1959: Max Hunter Collection
Farmer's Curst Wife by Horton Baker    recorded in 1939 available in BL, shelfmark 1LP0157575