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Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 54: Ernest Phipps and his Holiness Singers - Shine On Me   Bluebird 5540-A; Recorded in Bristol, Tennessee, 29.11.1928

No image of record label available. Harry Smith's Anthology Booklet assigns authorship to "E Phipps", although does not assign authorship.

The "about" section of this YouTube clip of a recording of a different song by Phipps and his singers [1] quotes from the "Encyclopedia of Appalachia" that Ernest Phipps died in 1963.

This would imply that this composition is in copyright until 1st January 2034.

However, according to the Old Weird America blog:

Some verses of “Shine on me”, sung on the Anthology by Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Singers come from of a 19th century hymn called “Maitland” by George N. Allen which was sung with the words of “Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone”, a text by Thomas Sheperd. But the chorus (“Shine on me” ) comes from a popular african-american spiritual “Let the light from the lighthouse shine on me” that was recorded many times during the last century.

According to, “Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone” has word written by Thomas Shepherd (died 1739: [2]) and music written by George N Allen (died 1877: [3]). This hymn is therefore public domain.

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Alternative Versions

Let Your Light Shine on Me by Blind Willie Johnson    recorded in 1929: Streamable from the Old Weird America blog.
The liner notes for a Folkways album containing the same version of this song make no claim to arrangement credit for this version.
Must Jesus Bear This Cross Alone by Sam Cooke    recorded in 1956 (according to this site): Spotify
According to this site, Sam Cooke has an arrangement credit for this version. According to wikipedia, Cooke died in 1964, so this version is in copyright until 1st January 2015.

The Old Weird America blog provides streams of several other versions whose copyright status is not yet determined, except for the Lead Belly version, which according to the liner notes for a Folkways album containing the same version of the song has an arrangement credit for "Huddie Ledbetter/TRO-Folkways Music, Inc., BMI".