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Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 55: Reverend F M McGee - Fifty Miles of Elbow Room   Victor 23401; Recorded in New York, 16.6.1930

No image of record label available. Neither anthology booklet assigns authorship, nor does or

According to the Old Weird America blog, "The song was written by Herbert Buffum (1879-1939)".

This would imply that this composition has been public domain since 1st January 2010.

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Alternative versions

Fifty Miles of Elbow Room by the Carter Family    recorded in 1941 (according to the Old Weird America blog: Spotify
According to wikipedia, "On some Carter Family recordings, Sara is incorrectly credited as author of the songs 'Fifty Miles of Elbow Room' and 'Keep on the Firing Line'; in truth
she discovered these public domain songs when they were being sung at a Seventh-day Adventist church she visited. RCA gave her songwriter credit, as it did A. P. Carter on his public
domain discoveries."