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Icon Public Domain.jpg Track 57: Clarence Ashley - The Coo Coo Bird   Columbia 15489-D; Recorded in Johnson City, Tennessee, 23.11.1929

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Record label does not assign authorship, nor does

According to wikipedia, this is a version of a traditional English folk song.

The Roud Folksong Index classifies this song as a version of Roud 413. A Roud number search returns numerous versions which significantly pre-date Ashley's recording.

This composition can be treated as public domain.

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Alternative Versions

False Hearted Lover by Olivia Hauser    recorded in 1961: Max Hunter Collection
Note: Most of this song is different to "The Coo Coo Bird". Only the last two verses (from 1:44) contain the first verse of Ashley's version.
The Cuckoo by Pete Steele    recorded in 1958 (according to discogs): Spotify