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Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 65: The Stoneman Family - The Spanish Merchant's Daughter   Victor 40206; Recorded in Bristol, Tennessee, 31.10.1928

Anthology Track 65 label.jpg

Record label assigns authorship to "E Stoneman", as does Harry Smith's anthology booklet. However, credits "Ernest V Stoneman" as arranger and "A M Wakefield" as both composer and lyricist. does not assign authorship.

According to wikipedia, Ernest Stoneman died in 1968.

According to this website: [1], August Mary Wakefield died in 1910, so her contribution is has been public domain since 1st January 1971.

Therefore, according to, the arrangement is in copyright until 1st January 2039, while the lyrics and music are public domain, but according to the information on the record label, the entire composition is in copyright until 1st January 2039.

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