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Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 67: The Carter Family - Single Girl, Married Girl   Victor 209370-A; Recorded in Bristol, Tennessee, 2.8.1927

Anthology Track 67 label.jpg

Record label assigns authorship to A P Carter.

According to wikipedia, A P Carter died in 1960.

This composition is in copyright until 1st January 2031.

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Alternative Versions

Single Girl by Jean Ritchie    recorded in 1951. Available in BL shelfmark : 1LP0160566
When I was Single by Peggy Seeger    album released in 1955: Spotify
Liner notes make no claim to copyright for writing or arranging.
The Drunken Man by D. J. "Dom" Ingenthron    recorded in 1958: Max Hunter Collection
Field recording
Single Girl by Julius Sutton    recorded in 1925 (according to RFSI): American Folklife Centre
The information page which accompanies the recording implies that there is nothing original about this version.

I Wish I was a Single Girl Again by Kelly Harrell recorded in 1925 (according to RFSI): YouTube

Record label does not claim authorship or arrangement credit. Nor does
I Wish I were a Single Girl Again by Roscoe Holcombe    recorded in 1959 (according to RFSI): YouTube
I Wish I was a Single Girl Again by Frank Proffitt    recorded in 1941 (according to RFSI): Spotify
I Wish I was a Single Girl Again by Vernon Dalhart    recorded in the 1920s (according to RFSI): YouTube