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Icon In Copyright.jpg Track 71: Ramblin' Thomas - Poor Boy Blues   Paramount 12722-A; Recorded in Chicago, November 1928

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Record label assigns authorship to "Willard Thomas", as does

According to wikipedia, Thomas died in 1945, so this version of this song is in copyright until 1st January 2016

However, according to wikipedia, this is "a traditional blues song of unknown origin", so other versions by artists who do not claim copyright can be considered public domain.

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Alternative Versions

Poor Boy a Long Ways from Home by Barbecue Bob    recorded in 1927 (according to wikipedia: Spotify
Poor Boy, Long Ways from Home by Gus Cannon    recorded in 1927 (according to wikipedia: Spotify
Po' Boy by Bukka White    recorded in 1939 (according to wikipedia: Spotify
Po' Boy, Long Ways from Home by Rochelle French    recorded in 1935 (according to wikipedia: Spotify
Poor Boy Blues by Bo Weavil Jackson    recorded in 1926 (according to wikipedia: Spotify