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Icon Unknown Status.jpg Track 81: Memphis Jug Band - K C Moan   Victor 38553; Recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, 4.10.1929

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Record label assigns authorship to "Tewee Blackman", as does

However, no information is available on Blackman's death date, so the copyright status of this composition is unknown.

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Alternative Versions

Blowin' down this road by Woody Guthrie    recorded in 1940 (according to wikipedia): Spotify
Lonesome Road Blues by Ernest Stoneman and Kahle Brewer    recorded in 1927 (according to RFSI): Spotify
Down South Where the Sugar Cane Grows by Fiddlin' John Carson    recorded in 1929 (according to RFSI): Spotify 
I'm going down the road by J Kearns Planche    recorded in 1950: University of New Mexico
I'm going down this road feelin' bad by Warde Ford    recorded in 1938: Library of Congress
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad by Ruth Huber and Lois Judd    recorded in 1941: Library of Congress
I'm Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad by Gussie Ward Stone    recorded in 1940: Library of Congress N.B. The link provided here goes directly to the audio file. For the information page (giving the name of the performer, the date of recording and a link to the audio file), go to the Library of Congress's search facility and search for "Gussie Ward Stone"