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Play it Again! Use it Together (2018)
Open Music Archive feat. 51 architecture
Victoria Gallery & Museum Liverpool

Play it Again! Use it Together takes as its starting point the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Popular Music (IPM) archive of over 80,000 records, an exceptional and rich research resource gifted over a number of years by collectors and enthusiasts.

With a particular focus on copyright-expired shellac 78 rpm records from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s, the artists will temporarily re-house the IPM archive in the public gallery at Victoria Gallery & Museum for the duration of an exhibition, making it accessible and public for the first time. Alongside this uncovering of the archive, at the centre of the exhibition is a newly commissioned and bespoke booth created for archive digitization, broadcast and remix performance, designed with 51 architecture.

Animated by students and graduates, the archive and exhibition space will be turned into a production site and punctuated by a series of events with collaborators invited to live remix new music sampling from the evolving public resource.

photos by Jim Stephenson

OpenMusic-JimStephenson-1 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-2 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-3 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-4 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-5 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-6 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-7 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-8 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-9 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-10 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-11 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-12 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-13 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-14 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-15 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-16 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-17 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-18 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-19 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-20 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-21 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-22 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-23 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-24 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-25 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-26 MidRes.jpg OpenMusic-JimStephenson-27 MidRes.jpg

photos by Neil Cummings

PIAUIT OA Digitisation upload 3.jpg PIAUIT OA Digitisation upload.JPG PIAUIT OA Digitisation1.JPG PIAUIT OA Elsa performance3.jpg PIAUIT OA Sign board.jpg

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