Struggle In Jerash Images

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Struggle captions - 01.jpg

I wonder where this is

Struggle captions - 02.jpg

You know you're in Jordan when the king's picture is in the background

Struggle captions - 03.jpg

I think it was mandatory, and still is, that in all government entities there has to be a picture of the king

Struggle captions - 04.jpg

You can't see something like that even if you looked in the archive of news or something

Struggle captions - 05.jpg

Oh, it's the Iraqi Airlines

Struggle captions - 06.jpg

This is the sound of the call for prayer. And this is I think part of the old city.

Struggle captions - 07.jpg

Now you will see they are walking and she's not covering her hair. So things have changed. It's nice to know how things were in the past.

Struggle captions - 10.jpg

And the area he just said, Zeitun, my grandmother talks about it a lot.

Struggle captions - 11.jpg

"Close your eyes."
"Two steps forward."
"Stay still."

Struggle captions - 12.jpg

"May difficulty come and take you"

Struggle captions - 13.jpg

That's a very Palestinian accent. He's saying: "Take Fakhri with you. You're job tonight is to do what I told you to do."

Struggle captions - 14.jpg

I like her though. She's got attitude.

Struggle captions - 15.jpg

Obviously the living style at that time was a bit European. It shows in the dresses, and the music they listen to, in the furniture they have.

Struggle captions - 16.jpg

Philadelphia Hotel, it's the first time I even did see pictures of it.

Struggle captions - 17.jpg

In 1966 there was a Department for the Cinema. They filmed the beginnings of everything.

Struggle captions - 18.jpg

Love was not like that back then in Jordan. It was like - seeing someone, sending your family . . . It's like that even now sometimes, you know?

Struggle captions - 19.jpg

He told her to stay in the car. He says: "You take care of Amal, and you be aware of her because she is planning something evil for us"

Struggle captions - 21.jpg

This is a fake-up! Bedouins wouldn't sit in their tent, and have one of their daughters dance for them. It's totally unacceptable.

Struggle captions - 22.jpg

What we always grew up hearing, was that there really was nothing here in 1946.

Struggle captions - 29.jpg

Love was not like that back then in Jordan. It was like: seeing someone, sending your family. . . It's like that even now sometimes, you know?

Struggle captions - 24.jpg

Now it's the action part. With the gangsters.

Struggle captions - 25.jpg

Are they drunk?

Struggle captions - 26.jpg

He says "Yeah, you reminded me, you put me one year in jail because I'm a drug smuggler!"

Struggle captions - 27.jpg

A big fight! Obviously there's more traitors in the gangster's team.