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Stockholm - research visit

We're coming to Stockholm (28th Sep - Wed 3rd Oct) to meet with musicians and producers from Fylkingen and students at Konstfack. We are also attemping to visit the archives at Musikmuseet to explore the possibility of checking out some of their music boxes containing public domain music. Any other leads/ideas for Clips, Blips and Loops would be gratefully received.

Eileen and Ben


Musikmuseet - music boxes

The following music boxes are scheduled for recording in early October:

M1588 Ducommun Girod, Genève, Switzerland, 1878-1879

Tune sheet inside the lid: "QUATRE AIRS"

1 Wals. - Il Bacia (Arditi)
2 Rigoletto. Canzone. La Donna e mobile (Verdi)
3 Polka. Les Magiciennes (Schubert)
4 Freyschütz. Aria Kömmt en Schanker (Weber).
"Etouffoirs en acier soit à Spiraux."

M2095 Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy, Paris/France

1 Steinser - Marche
2 Mille et une units - Valse
3 Britannia - Schottisch
4 Le ^Cône d'Ecosse - Valse
5 Estella - Mazurka
6 La grande Duchesse - Chanson du Réfunent

M2219 Unknown maker, Switzerland

tunes not noted

N174845 Symphonion Musikwerke, Leipzig, Germany

a very early jukebox - tunes not noted

X5029 Eugène Bornand, S:t Croix, Switzerland

A brass tune sheet under the lid:

HARMONIPHONE - 6 - airs -

1. UN BALLO IN MASCHERA, Aria Eritu, Verdi.
2. IL TROVATORE, Ah! Che la morte, id.
3. J. DUE FOSCARI, Aria Questa dungue, id.
4 J. LOMBARD, La mia Letizia, id.
5. J. CAPULETTI E J. MONTECCHI, Romanza, id.
6. VERGISS MEIN NICHT, Waltzer di Giovani Strauss.

initial research indicates that all tunes contained within the boxes (those listed) are in the public domain.

--Projects 14:27, 23 September 2007 (BST)

Radio interview

Nice to see all the great music! I've talked to Rasmus at Radio Stockholm and they would like to make a show about the event. The only problem is that they produce the shows for the weekend in advance, so he would be interested in interviewing you two on the Thursday before the event. In that interview he would like to play the samples and originals and also talk about the event. Would this be possible? When will you be arriving to Stockholm?/Thérèse

Sat 13/10/07

Hi Thérèse,

Sounds great for Radio Stockholm and we are glad to do the interview. On Thursday 15th Nov our flight gets in at 16:40 so it would have to be the evening. We're around until the afternoon of Tuesday 20th Nov. More orginal tracks should go up onto the site over this weekend.

speak soon, Eileen

14:16, 13 October 2007 (BST)

Music Box Recordings

Music boxes we recorded at Musikmuseet 2nd Oct: /

--Projects 13:11, 8 October 2007 (BST)

The music box recordings recorded by HansErik Svensson at Musikmuseet on 1st Oct have just arrived. They are zipped as one large WAV file containing recordings of 12 boxes (duration 1h5m). Due to its size we're distributing this using our experimental bittorrent tracker. To download this you'll need a bittorrent client. Once your download is complete please leave your downloader running so it can help upload to the other clients. This is what makes bittorrent efficient.

musicboxes.torrent (right-click/ctrl+click to download)

--Projects 08:06, 15 October 2007 (BST)

Tekniska museet


Ulrika Casselbrant wrote:


Me and Randi will check out the inventions museum (tekniska museet) and see what possibilities there are for recording. We really liked the recordings from the music museum.

The others will correspond to you by mail about the areas there are looking in to.

We will keep you updated how it proceeds.



Hi Ulrika,

Good to hear from you.

Great that you and Randi are checking out possibilities at tekniska museet and glad you like the recordings so far!

If you do get to do some recordings I would suggest you need to see if you can book the following equip from Konstfack:

audio mic mic stand mini disk or dat recorder headphones

We used a pretty simple set up. We pointed the mic at the music box from about 1/2 meter away and made sure to get the whole recording from the wind up to the machine slowing down and finally stopping. Obviously, it's a good idea to check the recordings in the headphones as they happen and after each one.

We have just received some more music box recordings from Musikmuseet - which we hope to put up on our website later today!

all best, Eileen


Hello! I've talked to the artist Tomas Nygren, who did the sound recording of the meeting you attended at IASPIS. He is happy to help us at Tekniska museet and he has good recording equipment! Randi visited the museum on Friday but the boxes are in storage so they would get back to us next week about recording possibilities.

all best, Ulrika


Hi Ulrika,

Great that Tomas Nygren can help with the sound recordings. Look fwd to hearing how you and Randi get on with negotiations with Tekniska museet. Remember you'll also need to check the copyright status of the music in the boxes (ie. 70 years since the death of the composer).

best, Eileen