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Clipsblipsandloops cdlogo.png

Clips, Blips and Loops is our contribution to Who Makes And Owns Your Work. Between now and the end of October 2007, we are inviting producers, musicians and DJs to contribute to the collection of free source tools available here.

We are asking participants to work with out-of-copyright material to cut, splice, reorder and rearrange the material to make beats, breaks, clips, blips and loops that are copyleft and available for others to build on and use in the future.

At the end of October all of the tools will be gathered together to produce a CD that will be freely distributed and used to create a public performance at the Who Makes And Owns Your Work public event in Stockholm (17th November 2007).

During the next six weeks, new Open Source files will be uploaded daily - with a series of exchanges conducted via the wiki.

List of Participants


Eileen Simpson, Ben White, Nick Alexander, Saul Richards, Per Ahlund, Mathias Josefson, Ulrika Casselbrant, Randi Grovberger, Cameron MacLeod, Thérèse Kristiansson, HansErik Svensson, Kjersti Vetterstad, Dominic Castello


To upload a file you will firstly need to create an account or login (sorry this is to combat spam) and then use this upload form. Don't forget to add your name in the description tab along with any info of samples used etc. Otherwise email your files to info(AT)openmusicarchive(DOT)org.

Mechanical Music

We're working with Musikmuseet in Stockholm to collect out-of-copyright mechanical music from a collection of music boxes. Read more on the discussion page and preview source material here.



X5289 06mod.jpg X5289 05mod.jpg Polyphon 42.jpg Polyphon 21.jpg M2219 042.jpg M2219 15.jpg M2095 15.jpg M2095 13.jpg M2095 12.jpg M2095 11.jpg M1973 07.jpg M1973 06.jpg M1614 08.jpg M1614 02m.jpg M1588 08.jpg M1588 05.jpg M1588 01.jpg F39 05.jpg F39 01.jpg F38 05mod.jpg F38 03mod.jpg F38 01.jpg F37 05.jpg F37 03mod.jpg

thanks to HansErik Svensson at Musikmuseet