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Public domain material gleaned from an extensive record collection held at Casa Estudio Luis Barragán, Mexico City.

This material is source material for Barragán Sound System. We were invited by de_sitio to carry out a research and production residency taking as a departure point the music archive of Casa Estudio Luis Barragán

PLEASE NOTE: This material is in the public domain in Mexico. For other jurisdictions please refer to local legal frameworks.

La Palomita


performed by: Lorenzo Barcelata y Su Conjunto
written by: Lorenzo Barcelata (d. July 13, 1943)
Cat Number: Victor 75490-B

La Palomita lyrics

Hildegarde Souvenir Album


Recording public domain / Compositions under propriety ownership

Written by: Various (composition redacted)
Performed by: Hildegarde
Record cat number:
Barragan cat number: IN HIL 01 R

Scrambled mp3 1.8 mb

Scrambled aif 13.5 mb

Mano a Mano


performed by: Trio Tamaulipas
written by: Lorenzo Barcelata (d. 1943)
recorded: pre-1939
cat number: Peerless 846

mp3 3.8 mb

wav 26.8 mb

La Iguana

La Iguana.jpg

Written by: Lorenzo Barcelata (d. July 13, 1943)
performed by: Pareja Quiroz
recorded: pre-1939
record cat number: Peerless 975
barrgan cat number: MX 26 B

La Iguana lyrics

mp3 4.36 mb

wav 32.06 mb

Czar Sultan - Suite No. 3

Czar sultan 1.jpg Czar sultan 2.jpg

Written by: Rimsky Korsakov (d. 21 June 1908)
Performed by: London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Albert Coates
Recorded 16 February 1928
Record cat number: HMV D1491
Barragán cat number: C X 46

Side 1 mp3 5.5 mb

Side 1 wav 40.4 mb

Side 2 mp3 5.8 mb

Side 2 wav 44.4 mb


300px Schenerazade b.jpg

Written by: Rimsky Korsakov (d. 21 June 1908)
performed by: London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Antal Doráti
record cat number: Victor 12368

Side A mp3 1st Movement - Largo e maestoso 6.1 mb

Side A wav 1st Movement - Largo e maestoso 44.8 mb

Side B mp3 3rd Movement - Andantino quasi 5.5 mb

Side B wav 3rd Movement - Andantino quasi 40.5 mb

Khovanchtichina, Prelude


written by: Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (d. 28 March 1881)
performed by: Hallé Orchestra conducted by Sir Hamilton Harty
recorded: Thursday 10 February 1927, Free Trade Hall Manchester
record cat number: Columbia 9908
barragan cat number: C X 50 B

Side A mp3 5.81 mb

Side A wav 42.7 mb

Side B mp3 5.26 mb

Side B wav 38.63 mb

The Belgian Congo Records


Written by: Trad Recorded: 1935-36
Record cat number: COMMODORE DL 30,005
Barragan cat number:

mp3 28.3 mb

wav 208 mb

Allá en el Rancho Grande


written by Silvano R Ramos (d. Feb 22 1943)
performed by: Rubio Y Martinez Duo
recorded: between 1927-1932
record cat number: Columbia 2555-X
barragan cat number:


The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert


Recording public domain / Compositions under proprietary ownership

recording coming soon

Mussorgsky - dub plate

Dub-plate.jpg Dub-plate-notes.jpg

recording date unknown - needs to be checked!