Everything I Have Is Yours

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As with previous Open Music Archive projects, Everything I Have Is Yours brings people directly into the creative nucleus of the work. Recollecting a formative moment in their lives, the film project encourages a diverse range of musicians based in Manchester and now in their 70s and 80s, to reconnect with the music of their youth and play together. Collective acts of live performance interact with digital technology to recall archive sounds from the musicians’ teenage pasts.

Shot in a space that operates somewhere between a recording studio, live venue and practice room, the camera continuously tracks through the groups of musicians brought together for the project. This looping camera move mirrors looped samples worked around by the assembled players. The samples are from 1950s and 1960s shellac and vinyl chart hit records – each record, on playback, conjuring particular sonic qualities from the era. Copyright-expired elements of the original records are separated out, through an algorithmic process, to enable collective future sharing.

Referencing the history of sample culture, which saw musicians and producers routinely sample from commercial hit favourites from previous generations, the film is a vivid sonic conversation, an intergenerational call and response that traverses the private, personal and public.


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The texts in this collection each respond to Everything I Have Is Yours (2019) by Eileen Simpson and Ben White (Open Music Archive), an artists’ film that takes as a starting point records produced during the first decade of the UK pop charts – 1952 to 1962 – and experimentally repurposes them in an on-going exploration of the limits of sampling and the possibilities of live collaboration.

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A film by
Eileen Simpson & Ben White (Open Music Archive)

Chas Baker – vocals
Norman Beaker – guitar
Max Beesley – drums
Roger Browne – piano
Stewart Butler – baritone sax
Tony Chess – drums and djembe Maureen Donahue – vocals
Mike Farmer – tenor sax
Peter Fox – guitar and vocals
Bo Lee – bass guitar
Jill MacDonald – vocals
Jean Martin – vocals
Paul Medina – double bass and trombone Bruce Mitchell – drums
Richard Piggott – guitar
Roy Rigby – guitar

Commissioners / Executive Producers
Film and Video Umbrella University of Salford Art Collection Castle eld Gallery

Laura Shacham

Assistant Producer
Polly Wright

Casting Producer
Claire Bleasdale

Additional Casting
Open Music Archive Laura Shacham Polly Wright

Director of Photography
Jamie Kennerley

1st Assistant Camera / Focus Puller
Sean Beasley

2nd Assistant Camera
Josh Haigherty

Additional Cinematography
Jonas Mortensen

Rick Griffiths
Jon Head

Mark Rickitts
Dan Tunstall

Lighting Technician
Simeon Ogden · The Stoller Hall

Sound Engineer
Lee Aston
Brendan Williams

Ianthe Wright

On-set stylist
Lily Austin
Lou Hall

Hair & Make-Up
Katy Brody

Production Assistants
Adam Douglas
Hannah Jupe
Daniel Newport
Joseph Preston

Sound Mix
Lee Aston
Brendan Williams
Low Four Studios

Additional VFX
Matt Wilmshurst

Max Ferguson-Hook · Time Based Arts

The artists would like to thank the following individuals and organisations who supported the production of the film:

Steven Bode, Susanna Chisholm and all at FVU
Lindsay Taylor, and all at University of Salford
Helen Wewiora, and all at Castlefield Gallery

University of Salford, TV Studios
Queen Mary University of London
Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University

John Ashbrook, Big Fish Rentals, Astrid Bin, Richard Bradbury, Linda Brogan, Melissa Burnand · Jam Street Cafe Simon Chaplin, Barry Daykin, Mel Dean, Drop City Lighting, Fac365, Gillian Fox, Timothy France, Anthony Gannon · All+, Calypso George, Bob Gill, Jonathan Green · Unity Radio, Josh King, John Mepham, Tamsin Middleton, Alex Morley, Niamos Arts Centre, NoDrama, Colin O’Toole, Dan Parrott and Brendan Williams · Low Four Studio, Nancy Porter, Derek Quinn, Pauline Renshaw, Trevor Roots, Teresa Simpson, Denise Southworth · Legacy FM, Liz Starkie, The Stoller Hall, Ashley Tidball, Helen White, Matthew White