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Open Music Archive Outlet

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An occasional temporary outlet for Open Music Archive. Distributing direct to the public, the outlet makes available the out-of-copyright and copyleft material from the archive on CDs, CDRs, and vinyl. Featuring new live recordings from Serafina Steer, Hest, Magic Arm, Sisters of Transistors, Per Ahlund and Mathias Josefson (Fylkingen), MC Strategy (Broke ‘n’ English); studio recordings by Homelife Duo, Liz Green, Sundowner; clips, blips and loops sampled mechanical music boxes; and 1920s and 30s archive source recordings by Leroy Carr, Virginia Liston, Cleo Brown and Honey Hill and more. . .

Visitors to the outlet can browse, listen and take away the music. The CDs and records are available in exchange for a suggested donation and all material is out-of-copyright or copyleft – free for use and reuse in the future.

Recent Outlets

Sunday 18 July 2010 2-8 pm
22 Newport Street
SE11 6AY Part of the SpaceShip Earth freecycling party organised by Dafna Talmor

Sunday 23 May 2010
Market of Ideas
2pm — 6pm
part of PARADE: public modes of assembly and forms of address
The Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground
Chelsea College of Art and Design
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU
organised by Critical Practice

22nd November – 14th December 2008
Coleman Project Space / 94 Webster Road / Bermondsey / London / SE16 4DF
Outlet open: Fri – Sun 12pm – 5pm & by appointment
In-store opening party: Friday 21st November 6pm – 9pm featuring Open Music Archvie DJ set
set up in collaboration with designer Ismini Adami.