Lingering In The Golden Gleam

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Ex Marks the Spot
3-7 King Street
Great Yarmouth
NR30 2BB

Thursdays - Saturdays, 12-6pm
21 September - 19 October

Performances on the first and last Saturdays

A new Open Music Archive project curated by originalprojects. The project collects, records, digitises, distributes and reanimates pre-1963 out-of-copyright sounds from Great Yarmouth’s pop music heyday. Launched twith a special remix performance by Heavy Lifting as part of Yarmonics.

Open Source structure for archive digitisation, broadcast and remix performance designed with 51 architecture was original created for Play it Again! Use it Together at Victoria Gallery & Museum in 2018. Reinstalled at Ex Marks The Spot in the former Marks and Spencer's building in the heart of Great Yarmouth Town Centre.

Plinth, Broadcast Tower, Baffles, Listening Booth, Archiving Desk, Live Desk designed and made by Catherine du Toit, Peter Thomas, Anderson Inge, Ben White, Eileen Simpson, Daniel Thomas du Toit, Thomas Smethurst and Ben Weeks.