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Clips, Blips and Loops is Eileen Simpson and Ben White’s contribution to Who Makes And Owns Your Work. Over the past few months we’ve worked with HansErik Svensson from Musikmuseet in Stockholm to record out-of-copyright mechanical music from a collection of music boxes and have invited producers and musicians from Fylkingen to rework the recordings. Per Åhlund and Mathias Josefson (Fylkingen) have cut, spliced, processed and rearranged the original material to make clips, blips, loops, beats and breaks that are copyleft licensed and made available for others to build on and use in the future.

The result of the collaboration is a live performance at Who Makes and Owns Your Work on Saturday 17th November 21:30 - 23:00 at Årsta Folkets Hus, Stockholm and the production of a free copyleft CD containing a mixture of original and reworked material. This freely distributed ‘source tool’ can be downloaded here.

Clips Blips and Loops CD

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Download Clips Blips and Loops tracks:

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Source recordings available to download

Mechanical Music

We've working with Musikmuseet in Stockholm to collect out-of-copyright mechanical music from a collection of music boxes. Read more on the discussion page and preview source material here.


Further music box recordings recorded by HansErik Svensson at Musikmuseet are zipped as one large WAV file containing recordings of 12 boxes (duration 1h5m). Due to its size we're distributing this using our experimental bittorrent tracker. To download this you'll need a bittorrent client. Once your download is complete please leave your downloader running so it can help upload to the other clients. This is what makes bittorrent efficient.

musicboxes.torrent (right-click/ctrl+click to download)

Polyphone recordings made by Ulrika Casselbrant, Randi Grov Berger and Tomas Nygren at Tekniska Museet, Stockholm:

[9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19]


Per Åhlund, Mathias Josefson, Åsa Wallström (Fylkingen), Nick Alexander, HansErik Svensson (Musikmuseet), Marysia Lewandowska, Mikkel Eriksen, Ulrika Casselbrant, Randi Grov Berger, Cameron MacLeod, Thérèse Kristiansson, Kjersti Vetterstad, Dominic Castello, Saul Richards, Per Hasselberg, Neil Cummings, Kennie Roswall (Electric Media Sweden) and all of the participants of WMAOYW.

Konstfack: Art in the Public Realm

Konstfack's Art in the Public Realm MA students have developed a series of projects related to Clips, Blips and Loops:

Ulrika Casselbrant and Randi Grov Berger have discovered out-of-copyright music contained in music boxes and mechanical instruments at the Tekniska Museet, Stockholm and have worked with Tomas Nygren to make recordings which they will add to the Open Music Archive. Thérèse Kristiansson has organised for Open Music Archive to play some of the material and talk about their work at the radio show SR Metropol (93.8) - broadcast live Thursday 15th of November at 18:45. Cameron MacLeod and Kjersti Vetterstad have developed a project to broadcast public domain and creative commons licensed music into a public space via a customised speaker system. And all of the students have worked together to create a live USB ‘share station’ to enable participants to take away material on USB sticks from the WMAOYW event.

Read the discussion about the project here


X5289 06mod.jpg X5289 05mod.jpg Polyphon 42.jpg Polyphon 21.jpg M2219 042.jpg M2219 15.jpg M2095 15.jpg M2095 13.jpg M2095 12.jpg M2095 11.jpg M1973 07.jpg M1973 06.jpg M1614 08.jpg M1614 02m.jpg M1588 08.jpg M1588 05.jpg M1588 01.jpg F39 05.jpg F39 01.jpg F38 05mod.jpg F38 03mod.jpg F38 01.jpg F37 05.jpg F37 03mod.jpg

thanks to HansErik Svensson at Musikmuseet