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Running from the 9th October 2010 and broadcasting for 5 consecutive Saturdays at 5pm, Auto-Italia was transformed into a fully functioning independent TV studio.

We contributed to the last episode broadcast live Saturday 12th November:

Through re-enactment and lip-synching, Open Music Archive present a series of musical vignettes structured around public domain recordings from 1920s blues and jazz to 1960s soul via 1930s dance band crooners.

Al Bowlly’s 1936 newsreel appearance is scrambled (You’ve Got What Gets Me reversed and flipped as Me Gets What Got You’ve) and Vaughn De Leath’s 1927 crooning of Are You Lonesome Tonight? is melodically de-saturated and retroactively mutated by a 1960s monotone female Elvis.

Auto-Italia South East, 1 Glengall Road, Peckham, London SE15 6NJ